from the ashes

12 September
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I'm pretty damn random. And a little crazy.

I'm in my late 20's. I'm still in school, but happily ready to graduate this year and move on to a great career in Health Care.

Music is a huge passion of mine. Anything with guitar and great bass catches my interest. I'm on my way to learning my 4th instrument, the guitar this time, and hopefully I'll buy one of my own one day.

It's been 2 years since I started my last journal that I'm now ready to purge. Whatever happened back then is done and over with, and I've healed up nicely. I've recently started the habit of posting again. Things are amazingly better than I had ever thought they could get, and I honestly wanna be able to write about it and for once, smile at the end of entries.

I fully plan on being brutally honest about how I feel, when I feel, and why I feel it on this. I haven't been this honest on live journal in years, and it'll be a nice fresh start for me.

That's a little taste about who I am. Add me to learn more.
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